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New Puppy Essentials Guide

Everything you need for your new puppy.

Do you have a new fur baby or one on the way? When we first took home our now four month old Cavapoo, Georgie, we did not know what to expect. We had not planned for anything and did not purchase a single item! YIKES! We were left scrambling for items and picking up things along the way. It is a lot more difficult to run errands and grab things you need when you have a new puppy to look after. Luckily, it all worked out and we have been able to narrow in on exactly what we need to ensure that our puppy is thriving in his new home, while still maintaining our sanity!

When searching for what to buy a new puppy, there is plenty of frill and the cost can add up quickly. New puppies are expensive! My goal in creating this list is to provide every new puppy owner with the basic, staple items that a new puppy requires. None of the frill, cute puppy clothes or buckets of extra toys here. This list covers exactly what you will need to take care of your new puppy and none of the extras.

I personally have and use every single item in this guide daily and I am sure that you will too. This guide is broken down into Puppy Walk Essentials, Puppy Home Essentials, Puppy Play Essentials, and Puppy Eats Essentials. Keep scrolling for everything you need from the day you bring your new puppy home and onwards!


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