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INULIN: A Love Story

Inulin has been a total game changer in my wellness routine. This post breaks down the basics of inulin and discusses what results I have seen since incorporating it into my daily routine!

Hello Loves!

Inulin has been a total game changer in my wellness routine.

This post breaks down the basics of inulin and discusses what results I have seen since incorporating it into my daily routine!

For the last 3 months I have been taking I N U L I N every. single. day. and this is what happened....

First things first, WHAT IS INULIN? Inulin is a soluble fiber supplement, often derived from Jerusalem artichoke or chicory root. Inulin exists in a variety of different whole foods, such as asparagus, artichokes, chicory root, sweet potatoes, and more. Inulin promotes a healthy microbiome in your gut, stimulates your metabolism, and keeps you full! WHY DO I ADD INULIN TO MY RECIPES AND COFFEE? There is a ton of literature demonstrating the benefits of incorporating fiber into your diet, including decreased cholesterol, decreased blood pressure, and FAT LOSS.

WHY IS INCREASED FIBER CORRELATED TO FAT LOSS? In part....Fiber has a thermogenic effect, which means that when your body tries to digest it, your metabolism revs up (think BMR & longevity). Fiber adds bulk to food, keeping you full for longer and innately leading to a caloric deficit. Further, fiber soaks up fat and calories from other foods you eat with it and ushers it out of the body.

WHY INULIN OVER ANOTHER FORM OF FIBER? Inulin is a form of fiber that has ALL of the above mentioned benefits, AND it is a soluble fiber that has been shown to promote growth of healthy gut bacteria. This is important to aid in digestion and to promote healthy and glowing skin. Not all fibers are created equally, and a form of fiber that works for me may not work for you! So I suggest you try out fibers, or use a variety of forms as I do! If you are curious about Inulin, you can slowly incorporate it into you diet.

WHAT BRAND OF INULIN DO I RECOMMEND? I recommend @simplygangsterchic , as I trust that they are authentic in their product sourcing and it doesn't hurt that the packaging is super chic! By @ingriddelamarekenny


Since I began consistently taking inulin everyday in my coffee, while not changing anything else in my wellness routine or diet, i have experienced....

(1) Decreased Hunger: I used to experience major in-between-meal-cravings. Adding inulin to my coffee and matcha completely curbs this hunger and fills me up with gut healthy fiber.

(2) Clear Skin: Before inulin, I experienced occasional hormonal breakouts. Not anymore 👋🏼. My skin has never been this clear and flawless for a consistent period of time, and I attribute that to inulin. As @drstevengundry says, your skin is your gut turned inside out. Inulin has healed my gut and in turn healed my skin. During digestion, it soaks up things like cholesterol, fat, and you guessed it... ESTROGEN!

(3) Flat Tummy: healed gut=proper digestion=flat tummy. I feel leaner than ever and the only change I have made is adding inulin to my routine. .

(4) Fat Loss: my gym has an Inbody machine, which measures body fat % and I have kept track of my own body fat over the past 3 months, and *guess what* body fat percentage has steadily DECREASED ! Why? Fiber revs up the metabolism, has a thermogenic effect, and promotes healthy and sustainable fat loss.

With that being said, there is no magic fix for an unhealthy lifestyle. I live a well balanced lifestyle with a diet rich in nutrients and fiber. I listen to my body and genuinely love eating healthy foods that fuel my body. Adding inulin to my diet was a way for me to level up my wellness routine. While I cannot concretely prove that inulin is the sole cause of my clear skin and decreased body fat %, I do believe the combo of healthy diet, sleep, low cortisol and inulin is what my body needs to thrive!


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