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Tuna Salad Sandwich

ZERO CARB TUNA SALAD SANDWICH 🥪 Every Sunday I try to prepare a low fat vegetable tuna salad to have for meal prep during the week 👌🏻 Tuna is a great source of lean protein and it is so easy to make‼️ Keep reading for the rundown on the Zero Calorie Bread, my Tuna of choice, and the recipe for my LOW FAT TUNA SALAD. .



🍞 ZERO CARB BREAD . I have been so into this @thinslimfoods Zero carb bread lately. It is so versatile, I have made french toast, grilled cheese and sandwiches with it. I LOVE this bread when it is toasted or grilled! .

🐟TUNA. I love tuna salad as a protein to top a salad or with @ggfiber crackers. My tuna of choice is @safecatchfoods because it has one of the lowest mercury levels on the market and they test every fish! .


✔️INGREDIENTS: Mix all of the following ingredients - 1 Can of Tuna (I use @safecatchfoods )

- Diced Carrot 🥕

- Diced Celery

- Diced Onion - 1 TBS low fat mayo

- 1/2 TBS dijon mustard

- 1 TBS lemon juice

- Salt and Pepper to taste .



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