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I LOVE THE AMALFI COAST. I mean, who doesn't ?

Here are my favorite beach clubs, restaurants, shopping spots and more from my most recent visit, and past visits, to the Amalfi coast.


When visiting the Amalfi Coast in Italy, I have stayed in both Capri and Positano. This time around, I stayed in Positano and traveled along the coast and to Capri via boat. Positano is picturesque and, despite the dense tourism, it has maintained its classic Italian charm. Positano is also centrally located on the coast, making it a great place to stay if you plan to take day trips along the coast.

Capri Hotels:

  1. Grand Hotel Quisisana (Luxury hotel, centrally located in Capri)

  2. Villa Marina Capri (Boutique hotel, charming and more private)

Positano Hotels:

  1. Le Sirenuse (luxury hotel, beautiful views and centrally located)

  2. Hotel Savoia (family owned hotel, less expensive, swing for a terrace suite for a special experience, very close to town and beautiful views)

  3. Hotel Palazzo Murat (centrally located, beautiful hotel)

Il Pirata, Praiano

The food in Italy is unmatched. Fresh made pastas and cheeses, home-grown fruit and vegetables, and family owned vineyards producing the most delicious wines.

Before I get into the restaurants, here are some TIPS:

  1. Try to avoid the restaurants on the beach (except for Gelato). The beach is lined with restaurants and these are typically tourist traps. Over priced and sub-par food for the most part.

  2. As you walk the narrow streets of Positano, you will see a few small delis occasionally. If you are not sure what to eat for dinner one night, I highly recommend stopping in a deli and grabbing some of the fresh cheeses and meats, a few local salads and a bottle of wine. Take the goods to your terrace, if you have one, or down to the beach and enjoy. Sometimes, less is more!

Capri Restaurants:

  1. La Fontelina (beautiful beach club on the rocks with a delicious restaurant)

  2. Da Paolino (restaurant covered in lemon trees, beautiful setting and delicious food)

  3. Il Riccio (delicious lunch near Blue Grotto)

Positano Restaurants:

  1. La Tagliata (Family owned restaurant located on property with a full farm, garden and vineyard. Incredible view of Positano so make sure to get there before sunset. All food and wine is farm to table, there is no menu and everything is coursed out for you. This is a MUST when in Positano)

  2. Ristorante al Palazzo (beautiful courtyard restaraunt with live music, romantic dinner and close to town, delicious food)

  3. Ristorante Max (artistic decor in a courtyard, make sure to request outdoor seating)

  4. La Sponda (located in Le Sirenuse hotel, more expensive but beautiful view)

  5. Il Tridente (delicious food, beautiful)


Capri Beach Clubs & Day Activities:

  1. La Fontelina (famous beach club on the rocks, special and make reservations in advance)

  2. Da Luigi Al Faraglioni (next to La Fontelina and delicious restaurant)

  3. Lido Del Faro beach club

  4. Day in AnaCapri: Start your day by taking the chairlift up to the top of AnaCapri to see beautiful views above the cloud. Then head back down to AnaCapri, where you can walk, shop, and have a delicious lunch.

Positano Beach Clubs & Day Activities:

  1. Da Adolfo: my go-to beach club tucked away between rock formations on the coast, they provide a complimentary boat shuttle from the port, must reserve far in advance--make sure to reserve chairs and lunch, delicious restaraunt, very low key.

  2. Bagni d'Arienzo Beach Club: charming, delicious restaurant, complimentary boat shuttle

  3. Il Pirata: located in Praiano, a short 15-minute water taxi from Positano and a MUST, located in the port of Praiano on small cliff edge, delicious restaurant and very charming.

  4. Conca del Sogno: located in Nerano, about a 30-minute water taxi from Positano, beautiful setting and special for lunch. Reserve in advance

Boat Day: A boat day is a must while on the Amalfi coast. This is my favorite way to see the coast. You can reserve it through your hotel or online. We reserved through


Capri: most of the shopping in Capri is designer stores and boutiques. I prefer shopping in small stores where I can find more unique pieces to take home with me. However, Capri does have many different shoe stores where you can customize shoe designs. I love doing this and I made a few special ones this year!


  1. Rochelle (the most beautiful pieces made in Positano, feminine dresses, matching sets, pastel colors)

  2. Teresa (i love the jewelry collection at Theresa)

  3. Theodora (beautiful lace dresses, sets, and coverups all make in Positano)


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