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Low Carb Chocolate and Goji Berry Donuts

These donuts are SO EASY to make, taste so delicious, and they are full of FIBER so they will keep you full for hours! .

NUTRITION: Less than 1 Net Carb and 4.5 Grams of FIBER per donut ‼️

🍩🍩RECIPE (for 18 donuts):

🍦FROSTING: whisk together 3 TBS greek or low fat cream cheese, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp stevia, and 1 Tsp of @suncorefoods foods goji berry powder for the purple color .



- 8 eggwhites

- 4 scoops @f_factor 20/20 chocolate powder

- 1/2 cup 0% plain greek yogurt

- 2/3 cup extra fine wheat bran .

- 1 tsp cinnamon

- 1 TBS vanilla extract

- 1 TBS coconut flower (@bobsredmill )

- 1 TBS unsweetened coco powder (optional but it really amps up the chocolate flavor)

- 2 tsp baking powder

- 1 tbs stevia or sweetener of choice

- 1 tbs fiber syrup by @choczero (optional but makes it more moist)

- 2 TBS coconut oil, optional and I omit because I save my fat for other meals .


(1) Whip Egg whites thoroughly, then add in all other ingredients. .

(2) Pour batter in greased Doughnut pan, bake for 18 minutes at 375 F. .

(3) Top with frosting and topping of your choice! Store in the fridge.



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