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Inulin Chia Pudding Parfait

A Fiber filled recipe, perfect on its own, as a topper for a smoothie bowl, spread over toast as jam or mixed with yogurt in a parfait!


Have you ever tried inulin powder? I recently incorporated this prebiotic fiber supplement into my daily routine and there is no turning back for me ‼️ Inulin is a soluble fiber made from Jerusalem artichokes and it promotes growth of healthy gut bacteria! As @drstevengundry says, your skin is your gut turned inside out, so if you want to ensure glowing, beautiful skin focus on your gut health and incorporate inulin into your daily routine!


✔️INGREDIENTS: - 2 TBS white chia seeds - 1 cup almond milk - 1-3 tsp Inulin Powder (start slow, so if you haven’t had inulin before, start with 1 tsp) I recommend @simplygangsterchic Inulin Powder - 1 tsp stevia or sweeter of choice - 1/2 tsp of cinnamon - 1 tbs Pitaya Powder from @suncorefoods foods (optional but this is what adds the pink color) - 3/4 cup 0% plain greek yogurt . ✔️INSTRUCTIONS: - Mix the chia seeds, almond milk, cinnamon, stevia/sweetener, and inulin powder, place in the fridge for at least 2 hours or overnight. - After the chia pudding has fully set and expanded (should double in size), layer the pudding with yogurt, fruit or any items of your choosing! ENJOY💕⭐️


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