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Healthy Coconut Shrimp

Low carb and high in fiber, these taste like the real deal without all of the sugar and fat!


- 1 lbs of peeled, deveined shrimp

- 1/4 Cup Fine Wheat Bran

- 1/4 Cup Coconut Flour

- 3 tbs unsweetened, shredded coconut

- 4 tbs egg whites

- Pinch of salt

✔️ Directions:

(1) Preheat oven (or air fryer) to 400F,

(2) In a small bowl, whisk the egg whites,

(3) In a separate bowl, mix together the wheat brand, coconut flour, shredded coconut and salt,

(4) Grease a baking sheet (or air fryer tray) and set up a station with the egg whites, coconut mixture, shrimp and the baking tray,

(5) One by one, coat the shrimp in the egg white then dip directly into the coconut mixture and coat the shrimp thoroughly and place the shrimp directly on the baking tray,

(6) Repeat until all of the shrimp are coated, baked for 10 minutes and then flip the shrimp and bake for another 5 minutes.

ENJOY with a tangy sauce or on top of a salad!


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