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Fresh Herb Salad

When it comes to making a salad at home, it takes only a few SIMPLE FRESH ADDITIONS to make a salad taste restaurant quality 🤩 the secret to making a salad POP: FRESH HERBS 🌿

🌱FRESH HERBS have anti-inflammatory properties, boost immune function, and add tons of natural and calorie-free flavor to a salad. Here I added parsley and dill, but you can add fresh basil, cilantro, rosemary or thyme ‼️ I love adding herbs to salads because it really elevates the flavor profile. .

🥗MY SALAD has...

- Spinach

- Cucumber

- Carrots

- Micro greens

- Cabbage

- Scallion

- Parsley

- Dill

- Roasted Beets (I prepared them per @samanthahass.rd recipe)

- 1 Slice of my Zucchini Bread (Recipe in a Recent Post)

- Dressing: Fresh Squeezed lemon and orange juice, olive oil and Pepper.


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