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My Daytime Skincare Routine | Fall 2020

My skincare routine is an integral part of my day. I spend plenty of time trying new products and doing research, so you don't have to! Here is the run down of my current daytime skincare routine, the products I use and the order I apply them.

First, it's important to note that my concerns are primarily anti-aging, evening my skin tone, brightening and creating a glowing effect. Many of my products are geared towards that and contain active ingredients that give me the glow I love.

Also, I love to change up my skincare routine with the seasons, so this skincare routine is what I am currently using. As the weather changes, the demands of my skin change as well. I like to focus on exfoliation and hydration in the colder months, and more sun protections and moisture in the warm months. I also think it is great to switch products to shock your skin and allow the active ingredients to really have an impact. Keep checking back for updates and new skincare routine guides as the seasons change!

The products and the order I apply them....

The first thing I do in the morning is cleanse my face. I start my morning with a fresh base to apply my products. I love this Charlotte Tilbury Multi-Miracle Glow Cleansing Balm because it is super hydrating and leaves your skin glowing without a film or residue.

This high strength mineral serum by The Ordinary contains Niacinamide (vitamin B3) and reduces the appearance of skin blemishes and congestion. At a price of $5.90, you cannot beat this product!

Sunscreen is a daily must for me, all year round. I hate to admit but I was once the person who never wore sunscreen. It was not until I found a sunscreen that I love that I started wearing it daily. This sunscreen is not greasy and I love the subtle tint it gives for days I don't want to wear makeup.

I LOVE THIS MOISTURIZER by Sunday Riley. I have been using this everyday for years and swear by it. It is packed with oxygen stabilized vitamin C to fight the first visible signs of aging while providing powerful antioxidant support. I particularly love this product because the this type of vitamin C does not cause breakouts. This is how I finish out my morning skincare routine.

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