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Consistency is Key: Breaking Through Plateaus.

CONSISTENCY IS KEY 🔑 when it comes to obtaining and sustaining long term goals! What I have learned through years of “dieting” is that you must practice PATIENCE and diligence in your routine in order to see the results you want and to MAINTAIN those results 💪🏼

✨THIS IS SO IMPORTANT to keep in mind both for when you are starting out on your wellness journey AND when you are approaching your goals...

(1) If you are STARTING out on your wellness journey, do not be discouraged if you are seeing slower progress than you hoped for, remember that wellness is about PROGRESS not perfection, and slow and steady wins the race when it comes to fat loss!

(2) If you are approaching your GOALS on your wellness journey, do not get distracted or settle for less than what you set out to achieve! if you are hitting a PLATEAU remember that consistency is most important to break through that plateau, so KEEP PUSHING! .

🌱In order to stay on track with a long term consistent way of eating, it is important for me to maintain a variety in my diet. That includes making something as simple as a SALAD 🥗 colorful, flavorful and interesting!

THIS SALAD has....

- Arugala

- Avocado

- Red Bell Pepper (Spiralized using my @inspiralizer by)

- Artichoke Hearts (highest fiber vegetable)

- Steamed String beans

- Hemp seeds (10g of protein per serving)

- Pumpkin seeds .

- Dressing: mix of @traderjoes Aoili Mustard and Balsamic vinegar (NEW FAV COMBO)


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