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Chocolate Cheesecake Low Carb Waffles

I am OBSESSED with this elevated stack. It is full of flavor while still being super low in carbs and calories....

🍫⭐️have always wanted to try the flavored cream cheese that @brookezigler uses on her waffles, but I dont have access to it in my city. SO I MADE MY OWN... this cheesecake spread takes this stack to the NEXT LEVEL, it is so flavorful and delicious, you will never see waffles the same again!


(1) In order to make sure each of my waffles comes out uniform and the same size (also to help prevent overflow), I use either an ICE CREAM SCOOP or a LADLE to pour the batter in the waffle iron, that way I know I am using the same amount of batter for each waffle.

(2) To prevent overflow, I pour the batter in the waffle iron and let it sit before closing it, waiting until small bubbles appear, then I close it and voila, no overflow!


🍫🍰CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE SPREAD: 2 TBS of light cream cheese (whipped preferable), 1/2 TSP unsweetened coco powder, 1 tsp almond milk and 1 tsp stevia. MIX together and use to top waffles, pancakes, or as a sweet spread on a bagel.

🎊TOPPING IDEAS: Here i used unsweetened coconut flakes, Peanut butter powder, fiber syrup (I used Choc Zero), Lily's Chocolate chips, and my chocolate cheesecake spread. .



- 4 Egg Whites

- 2 Scoops Vanilla F-Factor 20/20 protein powder

- 1 tsp baking powder

- 1/2 tsp cinnamon

✔️INSTRUCTION: Heat waffle iron. Whip egg whites thoroughly, then add all ingredients and mix until smooth. Pour batter into waffle iron AND ENJOY!


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