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Blueberry Chocolate Bombs

These fruity and chocolate blissful bites are so easy to make and I use STEVIA Sweetened Chocolate by @lilys_sweets_chocolate , ensuring these are aligned with my wellness goals

TOPPING IDEAS: Here I used PINK HIMALAYAN SALT, but you could also top these with chia seeds, flax seeds, cinnamon, bee pollen, and more! . NUTRITION: Recipe makes 5 clusters at 3.4 carb - 1.8 fiber = 1.6 net carb per cluster (i do not count erythritol)


✔️INGREDIENTS: - Frozen Blueberries - 2 TBS of Lily's Chocolate Chips, melted - Optional: Pink Himilayan Salt and Cinnamon ✔️INSTRUCTION:

(1) set up wax paper on a tray, place 4 to 5 quarter sized ‪dollops‬ of chocolate on the tray (using about half or more of your chocolate).

(2) Then, stack 3-4 blueberries on the chocolate dollops, creating a mound of blueberries.

(3) To seal the blueberries in and prevent them from falling apart, drizzle the remained of your chocolate over the mound of blueberries, trying to cover them 70% or so.

(4) Optional to sprinkle with topping such as chia seeds, Cinnamon, Pink Himalayan Salt, Bee Pollen.



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