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Vegetarian Breakfast Tacos


I haven’t eaten meat in over 6 years 😱 and I am always looking for creative ways to incorporate different protein sources into my diet 🌱

These breakfast tacos feature @gardein brand’s meat-free breakfast sausage. Normally I steer away from faux-meat products because they are often high in carbs, but these only have 3 net carbs per patty (I have 1/2 patty per taco). While I still try to get my protein from sources like seafood and vegetables, It is nice to be able to change it up sometimes! . REMEMBER, cooking is flexible! You can modify this recipe however you like, using whatever ingredients you have on hand! .


- 2 @outeraislegourmet Sandwich thins - 1 @gardein breakfast sausage - 2 egg whites scrambled (seasoned to preference) - 1/4 Shallot chopped - Cabbage for garnish . - 1 tsp light sour cream per taco - Salsa (optional)


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