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The Robe Guide: The Best Robes for Every Occasion (shop)

My love of robes goes back to my pre-teen years, when my mom got me my first robe. It was short, plush and covered in red hearts. It matched hers and I was in love! I still have that robe and wear it often. An oldie but a goodie, she stood the test of time. My love of robes has only strengthened over the years as my collection has grown with me.

I am extremely particular with my robes. I have a variety of robes in my collection for each type of occasion. There is the perfect makeup robe, cozy robe, post-shower robe, sexy robe, long robe and even men's robe. There are few things as relaxing as slipping into the perfect robe and never wanting to take it off. If you love robes then you know why the style matters. If you are just beginning your robe journey, then keep scrolling and pick your favorite starter robe!

One thing I know for sure is how to spot a good robe. I have curated a list of my favorite robes, broken down for each occasion and style of robe.

Keep scrolling to shop my favorite robes for every occasion...

Makeup Robes

A robe is the perfect getting-ready-attire because when you are finished glamming you can simply untie and slip out of the robe without pulling anything over your head and risking ruining your fresh makeup or hair. My Makeup Robe must be light weight so I don’t overheat or get sweaty while doing my makeup.

Cozy Robes

My favorite of all of my robes are my cozy robes. Cozy robes comfort you on a rainy day, keep you warm during a cold winter night and are always there when you need them! My cozy robes are always a plush robe for maximum softness and comfort. I also prefer short cozy robes so I don't overheat or get too hot (do you sense a theme here?).

I also love a fun color, animal print or texture to spice it up.

Post-Shower Robes

My post-shower robe must be absorbent and soft. The key is to find a robe that is made of absorbent material so it will help to dry off.

Sexy Robes

The hidden gem and pièce de résistance of my negligee drawer is my sexy, silky and romantic robe. I love slipping into a more sultry robe when I am feeling frisky. It gives me such a confidence boost and my significant other doesn't mind either!

The Long Robes

When the temperatures cools down and the snow begins to fall, my long robes always call. I love my long robe for the cold winter months when I need a little something extra to keep me warm. I am always cold, so this robe gets plenty of use. I love both lightweight robes and plush robes like the animal pint robe featured below.

Mens Robes

For as long as I can remember, my dad would enjoy his morning coffee while reading his newspaper at the kitchen table in his robe. One of the best gifts you can give is the gift of a robe. I gifted my fiancé his first robe and he lives in it. A robe is one of those things that not everyone has but everyone would love. Any man in your life would love a robe!

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