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Blueberry Chocolate Bombs



  • 1 Cup Frozen Blueberries

  • 1/4 Cup dairy free chocolate chips

  • Optional: Pink Himilayan Salt and Cinnamon


  1. Line a plate or baking sheet with parchment.

  2. Spoon 1/2 teaspoon sized ‪dollops‬ of chocolate on the parchment paper about 1 inch apart. Top the chocolate with 3 blueberries (all 3 touching the chocolate) and a 4th blueberry on top (this one does not need to touch the base chocolate yes). This should create a pile of blueberries.

  3. To seal the blueberries in and prevent them from falling apart, drizzle the remained of your chocolate over the mound of blueberries, trying to cover them 70% or so.

  4. Optional to sprinkle with topping such as chia seeds, Cinnamon, Pink Himalayan Salt, Bee Pollen.

  5. Place in the freezer to set for 30+ minutes and enjoy.

Storage: store in an airtight container. If eating within 48 hours, store in the fridge. If you want to keep them for longer, keep them in the freezer and enjoy as a frozen treat!


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