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Birthday Cake for Breakfast

Party on a plate with this high fiber and high protein birthday cake themed breakfast.

These 3 net carb BIRTHDAY CAKE WAFFLES🎂 are a party on a plate and the perfect recipe to treat yourself this weekend‼️🎉 🎂What is your favorite cake flavor?! I am OBSESSED with anything birthday cake flavored. . 🚨PRO TIPS: (1) In order to make sure each of my waffles comes out uniform and the same size (also to help prevent overflow), I use either an ICE CREAM SCOOP or a LADLE to pour the batter in the waffle iron, that way I know I am using the same amount of batter for each waffle.

(2) To prevent overflow, I pour the batter in the waffle iron and let it sit before closing it, waiting until small bubbles appear, then I close it and voila, no overflow!


🧁FROSTING DRIZZLE: you need 2 tbs of low fat or greek cream cheese, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tsp of stevia (add more to increase sweetness), 4 tbs of almond milk. Whip together until smooth. 🎊ADDITIONAL TOPPINGS: . - SPRINKLES: 1 tsp of sprinkles is 3 carbs. It is worth it! - FIBER SYRUP: I used 1 tbs of @choczero MAPLE VANILLA . 🥞 WAFFLES: ✔️INGREDIENTS: - 4 Egg Whites - 2 Scoops Vanilla F-Factor 20/20 protein powder (or another protein of your choice) - 1 tsp baking powder - 1/2 tbs vanilla extract ✔️INSTRUCTION: Heat waffle iron. Whip egg whites thoroughly, then add all ingredients and mix until smooth. Pour batter into waffle iron. Top with Frosting drizzle, syrup and sprinkles! . ENJOY🎊🎂🎊🎂


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